About Erlenmeyer Designs

Hi there,

To provide you with more details about Erlenmeyer designs, I’ve put together some FAQ to help you understand it a little bit more. Please let me know if there is anything else that you are curious about. 

What is Erlenmeyer Designs?

Hi everyone! 

My name is Roby, and I am the creator behind Erlenmeyer Designs. To start, a lot of people ask me what or where the name Erlenmeyer Designs is from.  To answer that question, when I am not making and crafting, I am a full time chemistry and biology teacher. Science, specifically chemistry is my favourite class to teach, so the name is from the Erlenmeyer flask glassware used in chemistry labs. While I have my B.Sc in biochemistry, dabbled in psychology with my B.A, and finally decided to earn my B.Ed and a M.Ed in curriculum, learning, and teaching, I’ve always had this interest in designing and making things


Whether creating interactive lesson plans in my classroom, making cardboard games for my daughters, to making an outdoor hockey rink in our backyard (might have shamelessly seen me on CTV?https://winnipeg.ctvnews.ca/winnipegger-builds-jets-themed-skating-rink-in-backyard-1.4746221), I just simply love the idea of creating. After months of research, I’ve decided to take the plunge and buy a laser cutter (now I have 2!) that allows me to basically create anything that I can draw up. Whether a scaled down version of our house in the form of a dollhouse for my daughter, unique Manitoba puzzles and signs, or jewelry, a laser cutter’s versatility along with your imagination can create endless designs. 

My intent for Erlenmeyer Designs is to create original items that are different than the ordinary while incorporating my love for science into the equation. I am a strong advocate of being original with my designs where I spend most of my time drawing or adapting designs on Illustrator. I believe there is a sense of authenticity, rawness and audacity in creativity as it challenges us to be out of our comfort zone. I am grateful for such a supportive maker community in the city, and humbled by the responses that I have received. Thank you for reading my intro, and please let me know how I can help?

How did it get started? 

After seeing numerous posts on the endless possibilities of a laser engraver and years of research, I finally caved in and bought a Glowforge Laser cutter.  We actually have 2 now! and an occasional member at North Forge for Christmas rushes.

How do I come up with my designs?

The science designs are generally from the experience of being a science teacher over 10 years. I try to come up with designs that I myself would find interesting and something that is unique. 

The other designs are to find something that is common to everyone yet unique in its own aspects. I am not big into buying Etsy templates, and printing them to sell. There are many places where Etsy templates are purchased and simply fed into a laser cutter to cut. My designs are drawn, created, or modified from an image in Adobe Illustrator. 

What do I make?

Bathymetric maps are my current favourites to make. Simply seeing the depth of the water of a lake makes the image pop. 

Also as an avid traveler (not so much now with children), a lot of these maps bring back many nostalgic moments during my travels. 

Personalized Signs, Jewelry, Kids puzzles Coasters, Engraving covers for sketch books, acrylic designs, and anything practical!

What’s in the future?

I would like to make games (cardboard or wood) carnival games for my kids to try. 

I also believe that our children should be encouraged to design, make, and create during their learning process. As they make, design, and create, they try and learn at the same time! 


Now Go Design, Make, Create, Learn, Try!