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Fully custom drawn bathymetric and topographic maps

All of the lakes in our collection started off with an interest. They started off with an inquiry and after several lakes later, our collection was developed. Now, we have over 50 lakes from across Canada with over 300 maps done. All of the lakes are drawn up on Illustrator step by step and then cut in layers on 1/8″ Baltic birch. When you place an order for a custom lake, it is beneficial to have your actual GPS coordinates and/or a screenshot of your cabin location. Further, please include any specific information that you want to ensure accuracy. Some times the pictures in our lake pages include custom maps that have information that do not pertain to your map.

Custom lake maps take approximately 3 weeks to complete.

The process begins with an inquiry, and once the lake has been confirmed with the bathymetric data, an order is placed. Once the order is placed, the drawing will start. The digital proof is then sent for verification of location and accuracy. Once that is verified, the processing will begin. Processing takes the longest time as it will require the sanding, cutting, painting, and touch ups. Please be patient with the process.

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This is only for 11″ x 14″ glass frames. Otherwise, they are stained with red chestnut wood stain.

Your cabin icon will be drawn according to the picture of your cabin. It will then cut and glued on separately.

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