Customization & Personalization

Questions regarding customization

Many of the items in the store can be customized and personalized. Before you consider customization & personalization, here are some questions that will be asked:

1. What type of font do you want?

This is a common question because when we see something we like, we know we like the item. But when we are asked to create something on our own, sometimes we forget that there are subtle effects of our font choices.

See below for font types


Choosing your font type


These are the fonts without a ‘tail’ or no tail.




These are fonts where a smaller line is attached to a larger and thicker line. In other words, there is a ‘tail’ in the letters.


Times New Roman


Slim fonts can be both serif or sans serif but mostly found as sans-serif fonts. These are fonts that have thinner bases to make the appearance of long and elongated text. 

Trebuchet MS


As the name suggests, bold fonts are thicker to give the appearance of definition and confidence. 



Lastly, script fonts are fonts written in hand writing form. Most script fonts link each letter to each other to show a consistent flow of the word. These fonts are great for a single word or two but not for descriptive text as it may be difficult to read.

Most of the ones defaulted on your computer may not be the best cursive fonts. There are many others out there that can provide a better style and use of cursive fonts.

2. How much text do you want to add?

Before you decide on the text you want to include, what is your primary message? Is it something you want to say? Is it a location you want to remember? or is it simply including your name? Sometimes having less text will make the item look better because it will not corrode the main message. 

3. Do you have a general idea of what you want in your design?  

 Sometimes some people will know exactly what they want, while some don’t. When you are thinking about your design, think about what are the major points you want to include? What is important? What is the special item that should be included? Although we don’t know exactly what we want, having the main points will help with the process. 

Cost of Customization

The cost of customization will vary from project to project.

For minor customization such as writing up to 3 sentences on a map, or on a pre-templated designed sign, the cost will be an extra $10. 

For a more thorough and personal customization where a customized sign is created from scratch, there will be an added cost of $25 / hour design fee. This will include consultation through feedback, and various samples for re-modeling. 



What kind of personalization can we do?

There are a lot of items that can be customized and personalized. Things such as frames, family trees, signs for grandparents, signs for new borns, ornaments, decorative picture frames such as for kid’s hockey cards or sports pictures, wedding centre pieces, table numbers for weddings, etc… 

Materials that are used are acrylic, wood, metal (for engraving), slate(for engraving), paper card stock, and glass. 

All of the signs and pieces are stained either with natural wood stain colours such as walnut or cherry (or other by demand), or decorative wood stain colours such as grey, white, or even turquoise. 


Stamp Customization

The process of creating a customized stamp is quite involving. Every image has to be edited with Illustrator in order for it to be sent to the laser cutter. Some logos and text are simpler than others, while some images will require additional editing to ensure what is stamped is what you want to see. Essentially, when creating a stamp, you are ‘stamping’ or highlighting what you want to see. The areas or regions that are dark are what is raised on the stamp. Thus, the colours of the image has to be inverted and then reflected to show the full effect.

Typically the process involves the following:

1. Receive the text/logo

2. Load it onto Illustrator, and invert the colours. If some colours do not fully invert, manual editing on the anchor points must be done.

3. Create an outline for the logo to be cut.

4. Send to the laser cutter for a test engrave.

5. If it is all successful, the correct size will be engraved.

6. Wash and clean the rubber. Glue it onto a foam cutout.

7. Cut 3 pieces of 1/4″ wood the same size as the stamp with one scored of the logo. The logo will have to be edited to its original setting.

8. Glue all pieces together

9. Sand & Stain

10. Final polish of the unwanted regions.

As you can see, it is a very thorough process. Furthermore, each stamp with about 4″ in size takes an hour + to engrave. The machine has to engrave the layers 2x to achieve optimal depth.




Generally the cost of a stamp is as follows:

  • Graphic editing and preparation of a stamp up to 3″ = $30
  • Graphic editing and preparation of a stamp from 3″ – 4″ = $40

3-D Printing

Cost of 3-D printing

In addition to laser cutting and engraving, 3-D printing is also available. The 3-D prints are printed with PLA filaments. 

Current colours are: 

Black, grey, yellow, orange, light blue, and white. 

Cost of 3-D printing:

$15 / hour – This will include setup time, slicing, and preparing for the print.