18″ x 18″ Erlenmeyer flask geometric wall decor


Our name gets a lot of people asking what an “Erlenmeyer” is. An Erlenmeyer flask or conical flask is a glassware used in chemistry . It is named after Emil Erlenmeyer who created in 1860. The unique shape allows the flask to be used in mixing of chemicals such as during titrations, and also the crystallisation of solids. The narrowing of the neck allows it to be completely stoppered, or with attachments, and to reduce solvent evaporation during heating of solutions.

Here’s a 18″ x 18″ wooden geometric wall piece of an Erlenmeyer flask that is currently hung on the wall at our place. The process of creating this piece involve the drawing of the various shapes, cutting it with the appropriate size, and staining it with 6 different types of wood stains. Science is pretty cool.

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