2020 Covid Christmas Ornaments (Individual)


These are the 2020 Covid Xmas Favourites. These are wooden ornaments approximately 3.5″ in width. They are sanded and stained after they are cut. Choose the quantity and the ornament that you want.


Covid-19 is terrible. It has affected everyone, everything, and everywhere around the World. Hopefully this set of ornaments will provide some humor to the situation while remember that 2020 indeed sucks and that the next time we see these ornaments, we’ll remember what happened. There are 5 ornaments in total and each of them are 3.5″ in length or width (depending on the ornament).

Ornament 1: 2020 Covid Xmas
Ornament 2: Dr.Roussin’s own fundamentals ornament
Ornament 3: Wash your hands!
Ornament 4: Mask on Carry on
Ornament 5: Social distance!