2021 Christmas ornaments individual


This year’s 2021 Christmas Ornament theme is Unity.

These are INDIVIDUAL ornaments. You can purchase the package as a set.

There are 5 ornaments in this package that remembers the themes of 2021.

  1. The QR Christmas verification card. No, this is not a QR code for vaccination but we know this was the theme of 2021. This is in fact a postcard with a real QR code that directs you to a virtual bulletin board. You can leave a positive note to someone or just a positive note to spread the Christmas spirit on the bulletin board. The board is not frequently monitored, please be positive with the messages.
  2. Virtual 2021 meet. Over the year of 2021, we spent a lot of time meeting up virtually either via Zoom or Teams. This is just a reminder that our year was spent mostly online.
  3. Double Double – Yes getting vaccinated and double dose is a big thing of this past year.
  4.  and 5. are ornaments for the year.

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