2021 Christmas QR Code Bulletin Board Postcard


We now have a vaccination card with a QR code scan. This became the new normal. How about we use this idea and spread some Christmas cheer? This QR Code Christmas postcard is a real QR that links you to a virtual bulletin board website. This is where you can spread Christmas cheer by writing something positive for a love one, people in general, or encouragements to the health care workers etc…

Wouldn’t it be neat to see all of the bulletin board filled with positive notes?

There are 6 to choose from

  1. Northern Manitoba
  2. Regular blank
  3. Happy Rock
  4. CHMR
  5. Riel Esplanade
  6. Selkirk Catfish
  7. Portage and Main


How to use it

  1. Scan it with your phone (might have to turn on the lens mode)
  2. Enter the QR code URL –> Noteapp
  3. Tap anywhere on the screen to post a new note
  4. Write something positive to spread the Christmas cheer! You can always delete your own if you feel like you added the wrong item.

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