Nelson McIntyre Collegiate backyard project fundraiser Lake Maps


Hi all,

This is a fundraiser for the backyard revitalization project at Nelson McIntyre Collegiate. This project holds dear as this is the school that I work at, where my students attend, and the school community that I am part of.  Nelson McIntyre Collegiate is a small school that is situated in the Norwood neighborhood. It has students from various socioeconomic status and a very diverse group of students from various backgrounds. What makes this project special is that the planning of revitalization the backyard was and is currently done by our students. It started as a project that is now transpiring into reality.

We will donate all the proceeds from the 5 lake maps that are sold to put into the project. The lake maps can be any of the maps that we currently have with customization included. It can be 11″ x 14″ or 11″ x 18″ in size with both listed at $200.

Our school has applied and received grants to help offset the cost of this massive project but also will need help from the community. More information can be found here:

And the concept of the map can be found here: 20-078 Nelson Mc Concept Mar 22 2021 reduced

and information here: NMC’s Backyard Project

If you would like to donate without purchasing a map, feel free to donate! Please spread the word. Thank you

~ Roby



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