Personalized City Maps

Where’s your home?


These city maps are drawn up from various map sources. The uniqueness of these maps is that your location can be put into to highlight your address onto the map. These maps are great gifts for new home owners, friends who are moving away, or decor for your own home. We definitely have one. Every purchase comes with customization at no cost. 

Our maps

This is a beautifully designed and engraved map of Winnipeg. Look for your home on this intricate map and display it in your home. It is 1/2″ thick and is ready to be hung on any nail. The map is stained with a natural indoor stain and sanded to ensure there are no burn marks.

The only customization that can be made for this map is a message below. Location of your home cannot be added for this map. You can check out our City Home Map if you want a personalized location.


This is a customized map of your house at your location at in your city. This is a 11″ x 11″ wooden map that is 1/2″ in thickness. A house icon will be added on your address. Every map is made on Baltic birch and are laser cut and engraved after prepped on Illustrator. The wood pieces are sanded prior to cutting and staining.


This is definitely a gem. This map is a large 18″ x 30″ of Winnipeg’s downtown. The map includes the Canada Life centre (Home of Winnipeg Jets) in a smaller but elevated model along with the Shaw Field (Home of the Winnipeg Goldeyes) and neighboring buildings including the Canadian Museum of Human Rights. Some of the neighboring buildings are elevated to show more depth to the picture. It is well sanded, and stained to achieve a excellent addition to any wall space. The engraving of this map takes a tremendous time as the machine needs to engrave every aspect of the map.


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