Cutting Boards


Cutting Boards

These are exquisite cutting boards that are made from hardwood that have species that include the following: walnut, maple, cherry, padauk, wenge, sepele, jatoba, and purple heart. These cutting boards are made with the process of milling raw wood with a jointer and planer, and then meticulously sanded to achieve the final result. Before the boards are completed, they are soaked with mineral oil, and treated with beeswax. 

Purchasing cutting boards: 

These boards are purchased based on availability. The board you are purchasing is the picture on the website. The dimensions and specs are listed for each product. 

As these boards take time to complete, stocks are quite limited. 

Care for cutting boards:

The boards cannot be washed in the dish washer.

Periodically, apply beeswax and mineral oil to regain the lustre in your boards. Mineral oil can be purchased from Home Depot or various wood supply shops. Beeswax can be purchased on Amazon, or any other wood specialty stores as well.