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 Our hardwood products Charcuterie and Cutting Boards

Let’s be honest, there are a lot of people who are making charcuterie boards and cutting boards. As you browse through your social media, you will probably see a lot of people making fantastic charcuterie boards with epoxy resin, trims, inlays, and / or combination of both. Everyone will say that their boards been sanded and treated with some sort of oil to make them last but here’s what makes our charcuterie boards stand out

#1 They are aesthetically pleasing with the use of selected exotic wood as trims to complement the whole.  The charcuterie boards have either walnut and padauk or purple to make the colours stand out.

#2 The shapes of the boards are designed and drawn up and not used by a template you find online. This makes our boards one of a kind.

#3 The Manitoba logo is a wood inlay, it’s not engraved! A piece of wood is placed INTO the board.

#4 Yes we sand sand and sand and the edges are routed with Walrus oil as our last step.