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Movie maps are pretty neat. These obviously are simulated data and drawn up based on the authors but when they are made in real life, they definitely bring the story forward. The maps are drawn from various sources such as other interpretations of the map, authors maps, and other artists maps. They are then drawn up in numerous layers and then cut and sanded to achieve the effect.

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Movie topographic maps

This is an awesome topographic map of Middle Earth – Lord of the Rings. If you are a big fan or simply love maps, this one shows the elevation and the various locations from the Lord of the Rings. It has 10 layers and the wood is stained to make it last.


This is a beautifully drawn out topographic map of Westeros from Game of Thrones. It has 6 layers and many many tiny pieces to glue. It even has the Wall as a standing structure! The map is hand painted, with the map drawn out on Illustrator. Every piece of wood is sanded before cutting and prepared to prevent smoke burns. This is a must have for GoT fans.


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